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Planning for the future at Farm Vigano

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Published on Wednesday 11 January 2023

Working Heritage has launched a Masterplan and Management Plan to provide a strategic direction for the future of Farm Vigano – the historic site on the Plenty Gorge in South Morang. The plans identify ways the site’s cultural heritage, relationship to the community and financial outcomes can be enhanced.

The plans were launched by the Hon Lily D'Ambrosio – Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change and local member for Mill Park, at an event in November 2016.

Working Heritage’s vision contained in the Masterplan is:

‘…a future for Farm Vigano as a focal point for the local community providing a mix of lively recreational, cultural, commercial, educational and community activities. The landscape of the site will be integrated into the surrounding parkland while its unique character will be enhanced. Farm Vigano will be known and celebrated for its cultural heritage and links to the Italian community in Melbourne.’

The plans have been prepared by hansen partnership in conjunction with Working Heritage and are the result of a significant amount of research and consultation.

Working Heritage’s program of works for 2017–18 will improve amenity for visitors to Farm Vigano and includes better pedestrian entry and paths and improved wayfinding.


Originally part of the historic Hawkstowe property, the Vigano family acquired the farm in the mid-1930s. It provided an escape from the city for the influential Vigano family, a site for food production and as well as inspiration for the Maria Vigano’s art. Its significance is derived from its ongoing connections to the Italian community in Melbourne.

After Mario Vigano’s death in 1966 the Farm was sold and eventually acquired by Parks Victoria in 2000 by which time it was virtually derelict. Plans to demolish the buildings onsite were vigorously opposed and the title was surrendered to the Crown in 2001 and Working Heritage assumed management in 2005.

Farm Vigano stands on the land of the Wurundjeri people.

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