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Working Heritage's new CEO

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Published on Monday 1 July 2024

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Sally Jones as Working Heritage's new CEO, effective 24 June 2024. Sally joins us with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in property management, strategic partnerships, and community engagement.

At her previous role at Yarra City Council, Sally oversaw an extensive and diverse portfolio of properties, including over 140 tenanted spaces. Prior to her role at Yarra, Sally held a key position at RMIT, where she managed and activated iconic properties such as Capital Theatre and Story Hall. Her strategic approach to tenant selection, emphasising community alignment and heritage preservation, demonstrates her ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in property management.

With academic credentials spanning business, law, and education, Sally brings a multidisciplinary perspective to the role. Her strategic vision and dedication to community-focused initiatives align perfectly with Working Heritage’s purpose.

Kerry Anderson, Chair, Working Heritage Committee of Management said, 'We are delighted to welcome Sally to the team. A major project she will be overseeing includes the reactivation of Jack’s Magazine for community benefit and exploring other sites to add to our portfolio.'

Sally’s appointment marks an exciting new chapter for Working Heritage, as we look forward to undertaking expert conservation and adaptation works so the community can benefit from the revitalised historic buildings and sites in our care.


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