Car Park Terms and Conditions

Attention all persons entering this Car Park.

The following conditions apply when you enter, leave or use this Car Park. If you do not accept these conditions, immediately leave the Car Park. If you are in a vehicle, including motorcycle and bicycles, proceed directly to the exit where you may leave without charge providing you do not delay.

  1. You enter and use this Car Park at your own risk. We may refuse entry by any vehicle or person.
  2. We are not liable to you or any person with you for:
    1. injury to you or to anybody else;
    2. damage to, destruction of, theft of or unauthorised delivery of your vehicle or any other vehicle whether authorised or not; or
    3. damage to, destruction of, theft of or delivery of any property (including anything in or on your vehicle or any other vehicle); however caused, and you release and indemnify us from any claim which you might otherwise have against us.
  3. You agree to indemnify us in respect of any claim made against us and any expenses incurred by us as a consequence of, in relation to, or in any way arising out of your use of this Car Park.
  4. We will not be liable to you for delivery of your vehicle to any person who did not have authority to take your vehicle.
  5. A parking fee is payable each time a vehicle enters here. If you bring a vehicle into this Car Park, you agree to pay the parking fee set by us from time to time. We may prevent the exit of a vehicle from this Car Park until the fee is paid and we are not liable for preventing the exit of a vehicle until the fee is paid or for any injury, damage or loss which results.
  6. You agree to:
    1. produce to us, when requested by us, your parking ticket or proof of payment of the parking fee;
    2. not to cause any obstruction;
    3. not to park anywhere that we designate as a no parking or reserved area;
    4. not to use this Car Park other than in accordance with instructions we may give;
    5. not to bring into, or cause to bring into, this Car Park any vehicle that is unregistered or unroadworthy;
    6. not leave a vehicle in this Car Park or cause a vehicle to be left in this car park for a period greater than seven (7) days without a written agreement between you and us;
  7. If you breach any of the Conditions in item 6 above, you will pay us liquidated damages of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).
  8. These conditions may only be altered by a written agreement between us and you.
  9. If any of these conditions are illegal or unenforceable, the offending part is to be disregarded and does not affect the remaining part.
  10. Where legislation prevents us from excluding all liability to you, our liability is limited at our option to resupplying services to you or to providing a refund to you.
  11. In these conditions references to:
    1. we', ‘us’ and 'our' mean Working Heritage, its employees, agents and independent contractors; and
    2. 'your vehicle' includes a vehicle driven, or intended to be driven, by you into this Car Park.