Parking at the Mint

Public parking is available at the Mint Car Park- Open Air at 280 William Street – directly behind the grand Former Royal Mint building. We have competitive daily rates and a central location in Melbourne’s legal precinct.

Fees from the car park contribute directly to Working Heritage's programs and projects – by parking here, you're helping support the conservation and management of heritage places across Victoria.

Parking Rates

Weekday (Monday to Friday) Flat Rate

Applies to entry between 5:30am and 4:00pm and exit before 5:30am on the following Day.


Evening (Monday to Friday) Flat Rate

Applies to entry after 4:00pm and exit before 5:30am on the following Day.


Weekend & Public Holiday Flat Rate

Applies to entry at any time on Weekends & Public Holidays and exit before 5:30am on the following day



  1. Fees to be paid via card at the time of exit.
  2. No bookings available for casual daily and evening parking.
  3. A new day is deemed to begin at 5:30am. Additionally, the following day rates will apply.
  4. Read the full terms and conditions.

Permanent Parking

Permanent parking at the Mint Car Park is available for individuals and organisations. Please direct permanent parking enquires to [email protected]


For general parking enquires please email [email protected].

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are there any height restrictions?

The Mint carpark does not have any height restriction and can accommodate larger vehicles.

Can you pre-book a car space at the Mint carpark?

We do not have the facility to pre-book, you can enter using a credit card and exit using the same.

Is the Mint carpark accessible 24/7?

Yes, the Mint carpark is automated and accessible 24/7.

What if I need assistance in the parking lot?

There is a 24/7 helpline number at the entry/exit gate.

Can I park at the Mint, leave and return multiple times?

No, the system will apply the charge each time you enter and exit.

How much will I be charged if I leave my car overnight?

It depends, if you enter after 5:30am today and exit before 5:30am the following day, you will be charged for one day only. Exact rate depends on your entry time (See table above). A new day is deemed to begin at 5:30am and the following day rates will apply for cars parked for longer than a day.

Can I pay using my apple watch or mobile wallet?

Yes. However, please ensure that you use the same device (and the same card) on exit. For example, if you use a digital card on entry, the system will not recognise a physical card on exit.

Photographs by Hin Lim